One Strange Evening at Sadar Bazaar


Night has been my friend while writing. It makes me realize that darkness can be calm and good enough to keep your soul away from rest of the world. And after so long, I got my friend; my only friend who has made sure to be by my side when things are just not .

He and She…

After long, a fairy tale began, I met a girl at my imagined place, The long lost dream is a reality, And she had the same darling face, Where were you in the corner of the world? Where did you hide such a beautiful charm and grace? I am not here to win you, .

Unknown Tale

Don’t ask about love, my answer shall be you.Don’t count my friends, number shall be few.Don’t show me emotions, I shall fall again.Don’t look into my eyes, you might find rain.Don’t stop me from dying, I want to close my eyes with a smile.Don’t ask when I cried, my answer shall be all night.Don’t .

A Poem

It wasn’t meant to happen, When the lives of you and me, Broken into pieces of glasses, Promised forever will be thee, But the swears burnt to ashes, I smiled and gave you look, My crazy heart at your hook, I thought you shall keep it safe, In the canopy of your soothing shade, .

Naked Lillies

Silence we share has its own beauty,Like the aroma of love that occupies you and me,Cuddles take the role and make me feel wanted,And your lips drenched with water on LillieLife means something with you being,Absence of you makes the world lose its meaning,Take my soul and treasure in your heart if being around .


It’s probably one of the toughest phase of my life. I had been a guy who never gave up, believed that nothing in this world is impossible. I believed in achieving my aims. But today I stand hopelessly on a road unknown. I am shaken from within. The shapelessly taking shape, my life just .