45 Minute Love Story

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You know writing gives me a lot of satisfaction. I feel “yes-that’s-me” factor whenever I feel coloring this canvas with colors. This canvas defines me. It reveals what’s going at the back of my mind. At least sometimes. My friend “Mr. Rancorous” says that he never felt intense love in my words. Nice guy he is. May be I never had intense love that could make me write something more beautiful than the girl that made my day long back. I felt love in the stimuli that hits me whenever someone shows care. And the very next moment I warn myself not to fall in the same pit. You had your piece of love pie long back. Be cautious 🙂

I have seen angels. Long back when I was a first year engineering kid. I am still a kid. Oh! You want to know where is she right now? She is everywhere. In every word poured by wish on his canvas, in his random tears that trickle down his cheek. Or the best way could be to find the most brightest star in the night sky. Yeah.. there she is!

Let’s come to the point. Have I ever told you that eyes have been my biggest weakness? If not then I will let you peep a little more in my world.

Her hairs done perfectly. Like every single hair was meant to be at that place. White ironed shirt covering her perfectly shaped body. A pink color hair band which added to her cuteness. And yes those “I can-die-for-them” familiar eyes of the deer. And the known smile that could never fade till the dawn of my life. Yes! A familiar smile it was. But it wasn’t thee, for thee above in the sky of night. A replica of you that couldn’t be Ayesha. There cannot be anything more special than her. Or may be someday a cute girl will prove me wrong. I would love to get proved wrong on that notion.

“You see it all but you aren’t ready to accept it” said one to me. Oh! I love her a lot. Yes the another girl. She is mine. But I am “not allowed” to fall for her. Coming back to the metro girl. She boarded the metro for Dwarka.

“Hey! Where are you going?” said the friend of mine who was heading towards college with me.

“I have some urgent work” I said.

“Huh! But we were going to college. We have to board metro in next 5 minutes”.

“You go ahead. I have some urgent meeting” I interrupted in between.

“Bastard you are” he said some swearing words and gave a final good bye. I boarded the metro heading to Dwarka. A soul like me can be crazy for the girl he likes. Call it anyone. Well Aquarius will put their all into something or someone that means a lot to them. And they are very reluctant in expressing themselves.

She entered the general coach with all men stalking her. I see perverts all around looking at her gorgeous flesh. My act of boarding this metro reminded me that I belong to the same group of men.

“Oh come on! You aren’t pervert. Her cute eyes, hairs caught you. Not the fine ass or perfectly shaped assets” I said to myself. Oops! I did notice something more than her eyes and face. You see it all but you aren’t ready to accept it, I am reminded by what my girl says to me.

A sweet smile crosses her lips. Her friend joins her the metro trip.

“Dude! You are short of attendance” I said to myself. The thought vanishes the very next moment. The long journey of 30 stations became a sweet delight for my morning. All I did was to gaze her till the time I soak her enough in my eyes. Let not this moment go, not the girl go away, another lust might bite my dusk, but let not her perfume go hay.

Aahh… she left metro at Dwarka Mor station. The 45 minutes journey was enough to get me back for a week. Let’s hope I see her again and I change my course of destination next time I see her.

“Hey! What are you doing here?” asked a friend when she banged me all of a sudden while I was returning back from my amorous and stupid journey.

“I fell in love for 45 minutes” I smirked as we laughed along.

See you again pink hair band girl (with a blush!)

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