About Wish


I am just another creature around you. I am not sure but I can fall in love with you at any moment! (I am not joking. There are rare instances when I am serious. Perhaps this is one)

What is CanvasofWish?


It’s an attempt to get back my writing skills which I have a lost while learning social media! It’s an attempt to get back my own life which got destroyed while taking up the task of establishing my venture SocialNinjaz with my lovely… Not lovely Loveliest CoFounder Priyanka Tiwari (Awww….. <3)



A foodie (You will get to know about my love for Pasta, chicken, Sweets, chocolates… And things that I cannot mention from my canvas soon), writer (Yeah… Some call is to be a self proclaimed title, but I have learned how to show middle finger to some people and move on), impossibly romantic (Let’s not comment on it!)



Food- My another Love

Discover me as you go through the colors of Wish’s Canvas.