It’s probably one of the toughest phase of my life. I had been a guy who never gave up, believed that nothing in this world is impossible. I believed in achieving my aims. But today I stand hopelessly on a road unknown. I am shaken from within. The shapelessly taking shape, my life just lost a big meaning of my existence.

Some call me over ambitious. Not some, many. But I am over ambitious. I am shattered and it will take me long to gather back my lost self. I am unadaptable towards changes. Clueless about the surprise life would give on the next turn.

“Can I pull this thing off?” I ask myself. Answer to question has no form. I don’t have enough courage to gather myself and stand again. They think their presence was ordinary. But I regarded them as gem. My philosopher’s stone that could turn my painted dreams into a reality.

It wasn’t planned. It wasn’t meant to happen. I wasn’t aware of this change. Not even a glimpse I had of the sudden iceberg I would see on my path unknown.

I am weaker than before, fragile and shattered.

I have understood the fact; The fact that no one would be at your life throughout. People are mean. They leave you in no time. And the ones like me are left lamenting, shedding their tears.

My lines for you:

“Thee enemies surround you, I never went wrong. I will banish thy enemies in 3 months scroll”

Photo credit: Kalexanderson / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

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