Neil and Mayuri #1

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neil and mayuri

Neil and Mayuri #1

 “I am still hung-over badly” “I never asked you to drink Mayuri” I say giving her a glass of fresh lime. “But Neil… You did not stop me either” she says scratching her head through her black hairs with closed eyes. “Why don’t you sleep more?” I say handling over her the glass. She .

A Lonely Walk

  It’s 5 past midnight. I step out of my home in search of peace. My thought, breathe and emotions are mixing up. The turbulence of my sentiments is whirling around me. I feel like running away from my soul and time. I take my first step and move along, soaking every piece of .

The Love Named-2

  The new journey of canvasofwish could not have been much better than the auspicious words dedicated to you. The canvas of wish will be more colorful than the previous one. Just like you filled color in my life like Ayesha, I thought of dedicating my first piece of words to you. We fight, .

Effortlessly Beautiful

  “You know I love kohl in your eyes” I say looking deep into her them. “You have said this before wish” says Mayuri. She is effortlessly beautiful. Some dolls have to put up make up layers to look like a barbie doll. Some just have to wake up every morning and smile for .