Good Bye Forever!

“What is your biggest dream?” she asked.

“To have the person I love the most, that is you with me forever. To see you reach the heights and achieve the best” I replied back. She was amazed that how can I be so dedicated to her. But I she never understood that I love her. What else can you ask from god other than happiness of the person you love the most? Well I am truly, deeply and madly in love!

“And what about yourself?” she asked out of amusement.

“You are all what I have. I am thinking about myself” I said.

“But what about yourself?”

“You are a part of me. Seeing you happy and successful along me is my dream”

“Please wish something for yourself too”

“This is for me. You are mine. Aren’t you my girl?” I said out of love.

“I just don’t get words at times that what you mean to me. Like my entire world. I don’t care if I find someone by my side or not. But no one holds their importance if I don’t have you. And if I have you I don’t need anyone in this world. Like my own world”

“I know my place and worth in your life. So you don’t need words or an attempt to explain it to me”

I remember this conversation which was the sweetest thing in my recent stressful days. But today I stand alone, lamenting, in search of care and love. My dreams, ambitions and passions, they are questioned every now and then. The recent incident has made me question about them again. I am standing on the path that will take me no where. I haven’t lost my dream but I have lost my trust and faith from every single thing around me.

I lost it today completely. I lost myself. I won’t be the same person in future. And perhaps my girl shall leave me soon seeing my attitude.

Love and smiles won’t be the flowers of my orchid anymore. Hatred, aggression and tough to tolerate shall be new me.

Good bye vt. You are a dead soul 🙂

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