The Love Named-2


The new journey of canvasofwish could not have been much better than the auspicious words dedicated to you.

The canvas of wish will be more colorful than the previous one. Just like you filled color in my life like Ayesha, I thought of dedicating my first piece of words to you.

We fight, we love, get annoyed, feel jealous and patch up. The understanding we share is unmatchable. I love it when I read your silences more than words. I loved it when you used to fight with me if I don’t reply you or don’t talk to you for few hours.

There have been times when things got worst then I would have expected. My scolding and irritating nature made you fed up. But I know neither of us is bad nor we hate each other.
I wish I had a picture or a selfie with you to post. Alas! I have a picture with almost every single friend around me but not you.

I don’t know what I am writing or expressing. May be words aren’t enough to describe you. Still my words speak more than me or I have a habit of spreading “Gyan”. Let’s get settled, achieve our dreams and wishes and I will give up this habit of spreading of “Gyan.

Hope batgirl never leaves his batman. Stay by my side forever. Or like I have always said, be my girl. Trust me I won’t let you down.


Vt/Google/Batman/ Motu (I love it when you call me with either of the names)

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