One Strange Evening at Sadar Bazaar

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Night has been my friend while writing. It makes me realize that darkness can be calm and good enough to keep your soul away from rest of the world. And after so long, I got my friend; my only friend who has made sure to be by my side when things are just not .


It’s probably one of the toughest phase of my life. I had been a guy who never gave up, believed that nothing in this world is impossible. I believed in achieving my aims. But today I stand hopelessly on a road unknown. I am shaken from within. The shapelessly taking shape, my life just .


It’s almost year when I met a friend who crossed almost every leap and bound of friendship. And like any other friend it was someone with a “she” gender. But unlike another friend she became a friend who got attached to me in to time. And the best part of this quick friendship was .

Take a Breathe…

  Every night I think of writing something, something that would not be revolving around money, client, future, venture, career and many other jargon that have complicated me recently. I had been dying to get back and I am finally here. I am here to say things that I could never speak before anyone; .

45 Minute Love Story

  You know writing gives me a lot of satisfaction. I feel “yes-that’s-me” factor whenever I feel coloring this canvas with colors. This canvas defines me. It reveals what’s going at the back of my mind. At least sometimes. My friend “Mr. Rancorous” says that he never felt intense love in my words. Nice .