Naked Lillies

Silence we share has its own beauty,
Like the aroma of love that occupies you and me,
Cuddles take the role and make me feel wanted,
And your lips drenched with water on Lillie
Life means something with you being,
Absence of you makes the world lose its meaning,
Take my soul and treasure in your heart if being around you is my life,
Fragrance, touch and blush of your eyes,
It began with flares visible around,
Encircling you and me the fire surrounds,
Like the deep blue oceans,
I took a drop from them,
But to quench the thirst I shall have more,
A piece of love from your heart’s portion.
Ask me how to describe you? 
I shall write but you won’t find true,
Took my brush and painted you,
Like the shadow of moon on calm lake,
Is the serenity of your beauty that makes me insane,
Threw my brush the next moment.
You aren’t a being with such wits,
A heartthrob goddess in guise of skin,
I came closer and our lips met,
But the moment I lost respect,
A philanderer I was in my own eyes,
But the goddess was looking with love,
Untamed, irresistible and wild were we,
And our lips touched again,
The love grew more as our lips went wet,
“I love you” were our final words.
The silence grew more and the love dwelled.

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