Neil and Mayuri #1

 “I am still hung-over badly”

“I never asked you to drink Mayuri” I say giving her a glass of fresh lime.

“But Neil… You did not stop me either” she says scratching her head through her black hairs with closed eyes.

“Why don’t you sleep more?” I say handling over her the glass. She took no time to finish that anti-hangover drink I made for her.

“No Neil. I shall leave for office in an hour” she says getting out of the bed.

“But Mayuri…”

“I know you love me so much and would ask me to take off from office today. But I have meetings scheduled up. Thanks for showing that love. I love you too” she says hugging me in a hustle. I stood on my place and smiled.

“I know I show so much love at times but the show must go on honey” she says and enters the bathroom for a shower. I still maintain a gentle sweet smile. She takes no time to get herself into beautiful corporate girl avatar unlike other girls; Just a shower and little kohl to her eyes. She is ready to kill you by her looks. She steps out of the bathroom with her hair wets and the only private clothes on her body.

“You can keep off your smile. I am not in a mood of foreplay. You can keep your organs in control Neil” she says putting her white shirt.

“Could you please make me a coffee? I have to leave soon” I leave the place for kitchen to make a coffee. I am an obedient boyfriend. Meanwhile she gets ready for her office.

“Thank you so much for the extra effort of omelet” she says grasping a piece of bread, like an early man who hasn’t eaten since ages.

“Let me make a phone call to my boss” she says making a call.

“Hello! Yes Anish. Yes I am coming to office. Sorry I shall be late… Oops…..” a silence occupies us as she still holds her cellphone.

“What day is it Neil?” she says stretching each and every word.

“Sunday” I say still holding that smile and my head resting on my folded arms. I look at her and continue to smile silently.

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2 thoughts on “Neil and Mayuri #1”

  1. Love from Pakistan. We love your blog. Inshallah what you write is from your the bottom of your heart and touches our ruhani. Dil Se Mutaliq hey aap key lafz

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