Thank You

thank you

Thank You

  I wanted to write this last night but could not get enough time. Anyways, I am just so glad for this day. You know it why. It has been a year since we met. And in this one year, every moment has been precious to me. Like every breathe I take for my .
beautiful girl


She could make a smile, Like never seen before, And give a blow, To my tempest soul, A pretty heart with a pretty face, I haven’t seen with such a grace, Like the sunset I love to see, Or your radiant face like a golden sea, Not another meek I will meet around, Eyes speaking .

45 Minute Love Story

  You know writing gives me a lot of satisfaction. I feel “yes-that’s-me” factor whenever I feel coloring this canvas with colors. This canvas defines me. It reveals what’s going at the back of my mind. At least sometimes. My friend “Mr. Rancorous” says that he never felt intense love in my words. Nice .
lucky charm

The Lucky Charm

  Hey! You there! ignore the previous post. I do often get insane and write something gibberish. After all canvas of wish is all about what wish is going through. Let me introduce to this person around me. I call her “mamma”. Yes! She is my “another mother”. And my world revolves her boyfriend, .

The Rain Last Night

The time was lucky as I had thee, Just you and me in this rainy breeze, With the drop of rain pouring down your neck, Your clothes wrapped around with all wet, I thank love god that we met, ‘it’s too cold out here! Let’s take a shade’ you said clutching my hand tighter, And .

A Poet

He picked his pen with no clue of words, The words had fire, that could burn the hell, Oh hell! Don’t remember what he wrote, He wrote not for the others to see from the world, The world raised their hands for him to see, See the sun with words engraved, Engraved among the .
girl unseen

The Girl Next Door

She is new to the world unknown, Lost her trail in her love’s hope, She met along the way to me, Like a beautiful bird in search of breeze, She could fly along the wind dazzle, The gorgeous one in clouds’ castle, Oh yes gorgeous girl smile for realm, Oh thee lady live world .