Perfect Brother of a Sister

You are born lucky if you have a family who supports you. I envy as well as love people who are blessed with such a family or in my friend’s case, her sister who is like a complete family for him. I had never ever seen his “loving” part. I was aware of it but felt glad to see a brother in action! While rebels like me share their piece of joy and happiness.

This month has led to a new start,
But it seems like a chat of yesterday’s “raat”,
Not just a sister but my soul friend,
A relation of love with no pretence,
I miss you every morning when my day starts, 
But happy to see you besides better part,
Our memories, laughter and happier times,
They are sung aloud with happy wind 

With all your memories left behind,
Laughs and sorrows we all could remind,
Little fights and silly cries,
Our shared feasts and festival greets,
Hundred millions I would say,
For all the happiness I would pray,
Wishing my sister a lovely birthday!

Happy birthday deedee 🙂

Sorry Pulkit! I have the habit of stealing the show 😉

But you are lucky to have a sister like her. Likewise, lucky she is.

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