A Poem

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It wasn’t meant to happen,
When the lives of you and me,
Broken into pieces of glasses,
Promised forever will be thee,
But the swears burnt to ashes,
I smiled and gave you look,
My crazy heart at your hook,
I thought you shall keep it safe,
In the canopy of your soothing shade,
But things from you unchanged,
The canopy wasn’t mine, my heart never got a sigh,
I prayed to heaven that you are my girl,
The gods told I have a curse,
Not to get the one you love,
I cried for many nights,
But my tears shall not melt the stone,
Said someone shed no tears you Sloan,
Her heart is a metal not a piece of bone,
I drowned in the words of holy priest,
Humans like me are guise of beast,
What should do if not to love you?
The essence of her has a blot of hue,
I ask others to end my pain,
They had a big laughter amalgamated with shame,
I met her again with a wry smile,
But the lantern of my love could never shine.
I asked to embrace my soul forever,
And shower a holy water,
But my love had distinguished rhymes,
Sorry my lover! Your heart isn’t my castle and arms aren’t my sky!

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