He and She…

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He and She…

After long, a fairy tale began, I met a girl at my imagined place, The long lost dream is a reality, And she had the same darling face, Where were you in the corner of the world? Where did you hide such a beautiful charm and grace? I am not here to win you, .

Unknown Tale

Don’t ask about love, my answer shall be you.Don’t count my friends, number shall be few.Don’t show me emotions, I shall fall again.Don’t look into my eyes, you might find rain.Don’t stop me from dying, I want to close my eyes with a smile.Don’t ask when I cried, my answer shall be all night.Don’t .

A Poem

It wasn’t meant to happen, When the lives of you and me, Broken into pieces of glasses, Promised forever will be thee, But the swears burnt to ashes, I smiled and gave you look, My crazy heart at your hook, I thought you shall keep it safe, In the canopy of your soothing shade, .

Naked Lillies

Silence we share has its own beauty,Like the aroma of love that occupies you and me,Cuddles take the role and make me feel wanted,And your lips drenched with water on LillieLife means something with you being,Absence of you makes the world lose its meaning,Take my soul and treasure in your heart if being around .

Butterfly and Orchid

I saw a butterfly with color too many After the butterfly was another man Her love had me in first glance She would add beauty to my barren heather Flowers of my orchid and the fly together The man was cunning and had blue eyes I won’t let that witty take away my bride .
May I poetry

May I…

  May I hold your hand and walk in rain?   Or curl my hand around your waist?   May I pull your cheek and tell you are cute?   Or write a stupid poetry and make you mute?   May I call you beautiful like another name?   Or have a little piece .
thank you

Thank You

  I wanted to write this last night but could not get enough time. Anyways, I am just so glad for this day. You know it why. It has been a year since we met. And in this one year, every moment has been precious to me. Like every breathe I take for my .
beautiful girl


She could make a smile, Like never seen before, And give a blow, To my tempest soul, A pretty heart with a pretty face, I haven’t seen with such a grace, Like the sunset I love to see, Or your radiant face like a golden sea, Not another meek I will meet around, Eyes speaking .

The Rain Last Night

The time was lucky as I had thee, Just you and me in this rainy breeze, With the drop of rain pouring down your neck, Your clothes wrapped around with all wet, I thank love god that we met, ‘it’s too cold out here! Let’s take a shade’ you said clutching my hand tighter, And .

A Poet

He picked his pen with no clue of words, The words had fire, that could burn the hell, Oh hell! Don’t remember what he wrote, He wrote not for the others to see from the world, The world raised their hands for him to see, See the sun with words engraved, Engraved among the .