Night has been my friend while writing. It makes me realize that darkness can be calm and good enough to keep your soul away from rest of the world. And after so long, I got my friend; my only friend who has made sure to be by my side when things are just not at my side.

They say “This shall too pass” I ask when. I am sad; not lost or broken but sad. Hurt by the feeling that love doesn’t exist around. In any form. I am numb. Silent because it makes things less complicated. Under the shadow of this silence below the wide sky of night, stars are what I look upon to.

Not many days have passed when I was in Delhi. I was shaken, relaxed and dumbstruck by the aw of early morning silence. I cried; not because silence is only friend. But, I have missed the silence. I cried because I loved the piece of peace I tasted that morning. I cried till the sun rose. I miss myself to the deepest core of my tempest heart. It’s being pricked by absences of people around me.

Science backs me. Some people are too emotional. It’s in my genes to cry for people I don’t know or help selflessly. Wait thee! Some say it’s not selfless. You don’t say or make a mention about selfless. I miss my write; compassionate and full of emotions.

They have contained me, my hormones of mood and emotions which act around me when I open my eyes.

I was promised. They would stay with me, till my life. I believed them; I had to. I wish I could say goodbye and sleep forever. Never hear a word and never open my eyes.

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