Thank You


I wanted to write this last night but could not get enough time. Anyways, I am just so glad for this day. You know it why. It has been a year since we met. And in this one year, every moment has been precious to me. Like every breathe I take for my existence. I know I get cheesy while I am writing but that’s me. You know that well. Let me try to do something better for you. I am a terrible writer. I guess you like this.It was long since I lost my trail

Fragile were my thoughts and lose were my dreams.

My actions were weak and frail.

Then came you with the sweetest heart.

Played the role of many with your only heart,

Friend and father love and my girlfriend,

I see you everyday like a ray of hope,

I was timid, lost and crying in a corner,

Then I found you as a friend,

A relation that could never end,

You encouraged me all the way through,

And showed me happiness in eyes of you,

The tough has been the path we have followed,

But I am glad you held my hand,

In the toughest of times and failures piled,

You chose to stand by my side,

There had been happy, quarreled and loved times,

But the love and friendship sings our rhyme,

I read your silences, blushes and smiles,

And a glimpse of you is my cloud nine,

Today is what i have because of you,

life is on track as guided by you,

I wish i could say how I feel for you,

My friend, my soul mate and definition of truth,

you are great & i wish life full of happiness just for you!

Not much to say but words may fall short if I start explaining what you mean to me.

vt :*

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