The Girl Next Door

She is new to the world unknown,

Lost her trail in her love’s hope,

She met along the way to me,

Like a beautiful bird in search of breeze,

She could fly along the wind dazzle,

The gorgeous one in clouds’ castle,

Oh yes gorgeous girl smile for realm,

Oh thee lady live world in a love,

Push aside what happened past,

Hath I being with you in every scar,

The time shall heal the stupid pain,

Or I make shall effort to make you real,

I shall hug you right and take all pain,

And make you realize the world still sane,

Hold thy hand and come along,

Let’s cross this world with a beautiful song!

Oh please pretty now smile for me!

With the smile you have shall make me blush!

Oh I smile when this Angel shy,

And she blushes in the awe of praising lines,

Oh yes I am mad and love being insane!

Thee Cinderella! Lose yourself in my amorous maze <3 <3

Image Curtesy: DevianArts

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