The Girl Unseen

Long ago, I met a girl in crowd. She was innocent and caught my eye in no time. She was worthy and not like the beings of usual plum.

“If you could be a part of my life?” I asked her with a smile on my face.

“Yes! Of course” said the beautiful lady before me. A meek cute lady took all the pain I had in my life leaving behind a smile that no one could ever bring in long. Who is she? An angel from heaven? Or a fidato in disguise? I don’t know! I don’t wish to find that out.

Let’s call her fidato time being. We went through difficulties every day. Making an excuse for the bond we share. The cruel world isn’t sweet to us but we remained hostile with the feelings we share. We hugged each other and embraced forever. The pain and sorrows we had vanished with the golden touch.

“I don’t wish to stay away” I said to her.

“We don’t need to go away” she said with the smile I could die for. Things turned up but we bounced back with stronger bond. The ‘other world’ tried its best to disperse us from our little sweet world.

“We are not going anywhere” I said as she nods with the agreement. Things have never changed since the day we met each other. all I want from my life is to see you smiling and you be my life for the reason. Words shall fall apart if I start describing what you mean to me. Perhaps the person I love the most on this lonely planet. Or call you the cutest part of my life.

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